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By Daniel Camacho
25. 09. 2015

Diversification can be fundamentally integral to some brands more than others but in today’s vastly and rapidly evolving online retail landscape it’s a requirement.

This is nothing new, however, in today’s marketplace brand have become astutely aware of this and have fine-tuned their strategies accordingly. Mr Porter, a giant in the world of E-commerce, their home page is all about ‘Audience Reach’.

Unfortunately, simply selling products online will never be enough ever again. Brands have adopted clear and defined content strategies to keep they customer engaged and thus coming back. Making content so genuinely relevant to my life that me the customer should re-visit your webstore over and over again for fomo on the latest. How did you do this to me MrPorter?

Customers savvy as they are these days need a valid reason to drop by your webstore. You the online-retailer will need to give them one.

Know your audience and develop content that they didn’t know they need but can’t live without. In a nutshell how every marketeer from the dawn of business has created new markets for themselves. Build your following who will return to your website and this equates to your content strategy.